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Mini-lit is an evidence based small group reading program designed for students requiring extra help with their reading. Mini-lit focuses on teaching students phonics and decoding skills. At Gillen we offer Mini-lit to students in Years 2-6. Each student involved in the program receives 1 hour with a Mini-lit instructor in a group of 4 about 4 days a week.

Phonological Awareness

Our Phonological Awareness intervention operates for students in Transition and Year 1. Students who need extra help gaining the building blocks required to become fluent readers get 20-30 minutes, 4 days a week in a small group with one of our highly trained support staff. In these sessions students play games and take part in explicit instruction designed to help them identify syllables, initial sounds, blends, rhyme, sounds within words and letters. You can learning more about phonological awareness and how to support your child develop these skills here.