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School Review

Gillen’s School review happened over the 18th and 19th of October. Trevor Read (Senior Director School Improvement and Leadership), Sarnie Foley (Network Leader) and Belinda Pearson (Principal Braitling Primary School). The review team looked at 9 domains as outlined in the National School Improvement Tool. The Domains are listed below.

  1. An explicit improvement agenda
  2. Analysis and discussion of data
  3. A culture that promotes learning
  4. Targeted use of school resources
  5. An expert teaching team
  6. Systematic curriculum delivery
  7. Differentiated teaching and learning
  8. Effective pedagogical practices
  9. School-community partnerships

Over the 2 days the reviewers were extremely impressed by the level of engagement of students and how calm the school was. They commented extensively on the wonderful teaching they saw and on how positive the relationships were between the students and the staff. Coming out of the review there were a number of Commendations, Affirmations and Recommendations


1. Gillen Primary School has positioned itself as a welcoming, safe, supportive environment where learning is prioritised and learners are respected and valued as individuals and met where they are, as kind, creative and proud citizens.
2. Clarity is provided through an explicit improvement agenda that is owned by all members of the Gillen Primary School Community.
3. Analysis and discussion of data to inform teaching practice is acknowledged as highly effective and positions this school as leader in this region.


1. Collaborative planning has created an opportunity to build staff capacity. There exists both the willingness and expertise within the staff to use this structure as a means to deepen collaborative professional learning.
2. Multiple approaches to catering for the diverse needs of learners is accelerating student growth in reading and the allocation of resources in this area is targeted and effective.
3. Relationships for learning were a highlight in all classrooms, with clear examples of students being able to lead their own and each other’s learning.


1. Gillen Primary School sharpens its focus on community engagement in order to position the school positively in the community. Gillen Primary School should be promoted as a school where quality teaching ensures that all students can learn and succeed.

The review was a very positive experience for Gillen Primary as it confirmed that we were on the right track. It also has highlighted some areas that we can focus on moving forward. 


Tim OSullivan

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